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    Beginner skier_mt snow ski buddies

    Just got back into skiing after taking off a solid 10 yrs. back at it and I love it but dont rly have anyone my skill level to cruise with. Do a lot of you go skiing by urselves? Thinking if I had headphones Id be set for the day. Thoughts?

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    I ski solo a lot. My husband no longer likes skiing Mt Snow (unless there are moguls or powder) and hasn't had a pass there in years. And my youngest is now 18 and does the park (definitely not skiing with Mom). I have my own business and a condo near the mountain so I can grab days here and there that family or friends can't. So - don't ski or ski solo. Solo it is!

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    Headphones @Mount Snow ... Mostly cool, unless you're on Long John or Cascade/Canyon or even Snowdance at times, not a good idea.. too much commotion around you a good chunk of the time where you WANT your sense of hearing to help alert you to folks around you...

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    I ski alone all the time, pop in my ear buds and Im out.

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    Skiing solo more and more and definitely liking it.

    I realize that I'm much happier not having to take other skiers' agendas into consideration regarding my ski day. A better way to say it is now I ski where and when I want to and not based on other's preferences.

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    Skiing solo is a good thing. As others said no need to please anyone but yourself.
    Never have to wait and never feel rushed.
    Ski what trails and off what lifts you want.

    Skiing glades alone can be dangerous (I still do it though)
    Drinking alone is lonely and depressing
    Have to drive both ways every time.
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