Mount Snow 2.10.19


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    Mount Snow 2.10.19

    Exactly what you'd expect - hard with a side of ice.

    But - Snow does a good job of making things ski able again. Carinthia always has fresh blown snow, so at least that's fun.

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    My kid was there said it was "pretty good." He sticks predominately with Carinthia, so no comment to the rest of the mountain.

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    Today (Sunday) was better than yesterday (Saturday). The trails that they made snow on, had a 36+ hour run in GOOD temps, with some sizable whales and mostly soft snow from them (The connector from Cascade over to the top of Snowdance had some very "interesting" sized and shaped whales for sure!!

    The trails that they had groomed only and not made any snow on since the freeze up on Friday skied decent, with some occasional ice patches, but nothing with a decent edge and some knee angulation that you couldn't carve through! Or as my kids, who were training Super G on South Bowl this morning described it "perfect race snow!"

    Late arriving, pretty decent sized Sunday crowd, with a fairly chilly start and a bit more wind that I was anticipating (although not nearly was windy as Saturday).

    If the storms predicted this coming week pan out, the mountain if not back to 100% open, should be pretty darn close to it for the holiday weekend, as from what I saw, in general the closed trails still had a generally decent amounts of snow on them, but not quite enough to put a cat on and make the surface reasonable

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