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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    A lot of the reason why Wildcat doesn't suffer lift stopages like the major resorts is it tends to draw more experienced skiers.

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    Whiteface was great today. No woods in play really, but all the steeps were. Did get skied off by mid-day in the center of most trails, but sides were loaded with all that skied off snow. Nothing like skiing Skyward top to bottom (first 100ft of headwall excluded...always boilerplate) and not hitting anything but hard pack or loose snow. Also, crowds were very minimal mid-mountain up.

    Conditions aside, spectacular views and weather today. No wind. Few high clouds. Comfortable temps. Killer views.20190217_123017.jpg20190217_144444.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregnye View Post
    Wildcat was wonderful yesterday! Soft bumps due to high elevation. Although it was the most crowded I have ever seen it (parking lots were at capacity), the crowd only was there from 9:45--Noon. And even at that they had the quad lift going really fast so the line was only around 6 minutes at it's max, which was back to "normal wildcat crowds" around noon.

    Yesterday proved to me that a high-speed quad running at full speed (so greater than 1,000 ft/min) is more efficient than any 6-person/bubble lift. Even with the really high operating/loading speed and the 90 degree load, very few lift stoppages/mis-loads. Killington could learn a lot from this.
    It was slammed again today. They did not seem to have the quad running at full speed today too for some reason. People were going in and out of it all day. They also had ~20 carriers sitting on the rails not on the line. Not sure if that's always been there, I spent more time waiting in line today than I probably have in the past 3 years combined so I easily may have missed it.

    The line ran maybe 12 minutes at it's peak today, but not super sure as when it extended beyond the queues I rode Tomcat for ~3 hours.

    Conditions on the upper mountain, especially in the trees, were great. Little bit like frozen toothpaste on the lower mountain, but still great.

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