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    Quote Originally Posted by HD333 View Post
    I used to track days when we were “all in” as a family. The past few years other activities have reduced our days on the hill, as a result I don’t count anymore because I don’t want to know, or admit defeat.
    I'm the other way around.

    When I first started buying season passes, I used to track my DAYS, and feel good when my "per day" cost went below $50/day. But I went many more days beyond that. And I stop counting. Partly because I feel guilty about some of my "days" were only a couple hours or just 5-6 runs (to be fair, some of those were long runs in big mountains out west). .

    I don't keep track of my mileage on bike either. But if I do, at least those are more "realistic". A 100 mile "day" is twice as much as a 50 mile "day"!

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    As a matter of fact I do. I have a journal that I have logged every ski day since 1981.
    Location, snow conditions, weather and event info. But I'm almost out of space. Neat to look back at lift ticket prices.

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    I have been keeping track of cost, days, and runs for about ten years now. Then I can extrapolate things like cost/day, cost/run, average runs/day etc. Last 2 years i have also started to keep track of vertical as obviously runs can vary their vertical by a lot. I do use the skitracks app, but I find it has a lot of error in it when it comes to vertical. So instead I look up the vertical of each lift i ride and calculate it that way. I use the skitracks app to look up how many times I rode each lift each day. I keep all of this on what has now become a rather extensive excel spreadsheet. So for instance this year I have:

    10 days
    165 runs
    16.5 runs/day
    $693.95 pass and ticket cost
    $69.40 cost/day
    $4.21 cost/run
    182906 vert
    18290.6 vert/day
    1108.5 vert/run

    My best season cost wise was last year getting down to $25.56/day and $1.34/run. I am not on pace to beat that this year.

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    My pass keeps track of it now for me, I just have to look at the screen on the RFID gate.

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    I don't really track days, the only reason I know is because some people here are big on that concept, so it forces me to think about it from reading this forum, but if this forum didn't exist I wouldn't count my ski days.
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    Unfortunately my day count is so low these days, it's easy to track the # of days

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    I keep track of data for walks during lunch or runs after work. That's mostly to see the distance, pace and heart rate info.

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    I do. I keep a ledger in my notes.

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    I like to keep a log to see where and how many days I skied at various places. I can look and see gaps in my days where weather sucked and I can also see bunching of dates where conditions were excellent.
    I do not keep track of the number of days I fish but do keep a log of fish caught, species, and pics of noteworthy catches. I post only the photos here.

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