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    Do you keep track of # of days... mountain (or road) bike, hike, or fish? ...

    Or the # of days you play golf, tennis etc? Diving?

    The thread on “High price of lift ticket” got me thinking...

    I don’t play golf. But I do bike and hike, A LOT. Yet in the circle of people who do those activities, I rarely hear people talk about how many days they hike or bike.

    Ever since I started skiing, I heard people talk about # of days they ski! Why is that? Is it because lift ticket are typically sold per DAY? Even season pass holders calculate their cost by dividing the pass on the total number of days they use it.

    If so, what about golf, tennis or diving, which has fixed cost with each DAY one does it?

    Or, was lift tickets had always been “expensive” in terms of people’s disposable income? I know it was for me, even when I started out (I learned as an adult, not as a child, so I had to pay for it myself).

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    We keep track of number of days through the Ski Tracks app. More or less because it counts days for us. We only need 4 days to break even on our passes, so after that, it's all gravy.

    We used to try to make it to the hill as much as we could; two days a weekend, every day on a long weekend. It became like a job. We'd go back to work to rest. Things got a lot better when we started skiing on Sunday and spending Saturday enjoying other VT winter activities.

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    I track them because I don’t just ski one mountain or even one set of them on a pass. It’s good to have the data to track your spending a bit. Most years I have two season passes and it can be hard to remember how many times I’ve skied which mountain.

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    I used to track days when we were “all in” as a family. The past few years other activities have reduced our days on the hill, as a result I don’t count anymore because I don’t want to know, or admit defeat.

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    Tracking days skiing has nothing to do with the cost for me. I just like comparing year to year how I'm doing and try to set personal goals (mainly with skiing more vertical every year).

    I don't track days for any other activities as there are no other activities that I do on such a consistent basis like I do skiing.

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    If I were to buy a season pass (single resort or multi mountain), of course, I'd keep track of my usage activity, just to see if it's making sense for me financially. I keep track of my biking miles and average speed per ride, but that's mostly to strive for progress (riding longer, faster). As to hiking, hmm... interesting observation by abc, I don't really track it all that closely. But I do track it, keeping a journal. Every hike is a different and special experience, worth being remembered.
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    I only keep track of my life time total at each ski area. For Mount Snow I just throw in a quick estimate each year. Sometimes wish I kept a list of each day. I'm pretty good at remembering the detauls of a ski day if I pull a lift ticket out of my big bag o' tickets. But any days I skied on a pass would be more lumped together in my head.

    For other sports/stuff I don't bother. I used to keep track of roller-coasters ridden. Now I just do that for my kids in case they want to do that themselves later.

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    I use the Ski tracks app.

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    With Biking I keep track of total miles for the year or my bike computer does.
    Hiking I kept track of 4k peaks bagged.
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    As my signature on AZ shows, yup, I keep track, both on a season to season basis and also on a long term basis as well.

    In addition to my count in my signature here on AZ, I also keep a daily exercise log book where I note my annual ski days in it as well. I will admit that I am motivated by seeing the numbers and totally need my daily exercise log book to help get me out of bed some mornings and get moving before my work day begins!
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