Burke Promo: $45 Tickets for President's Week for Other Passholders


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    Thumbs up Burke Promo: $45 Tickets for President's Week for Other Passholders

    Just got an Email from Burke about their promotion for President's Week. This is a great deal for those that are blacked out or want to escape the crowds:

    If you've been looking for a reason to try Burke Mountain and are currently an active season passholder at another mountain, come and visit. Any winter season passholder can purchase $45 lift tickets all during the Presidents' Week Holiday simply by presenting your winter season pass.
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    Wow, that is a good deal. Especially on a holiday weekend.

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    Very smart move in this age of many people buying cheap passes with holiday blackout.

    Burke is not near any population center. So likely not terribly busy. I'm sure they're hoping people find the deal attractive and give Burke a try. And if they like what they get, they may go again.

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    HMMM? Hard to drive by Cannon when I have a season pass and a free ticket for the wife. I do love Burke though.

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