Double backflip fail at world mogul champs


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    Double backflip fail at world mogul champs


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    Nuts what these kids are going for these days

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    That was awesome!

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    Tell you what, he didn't miss it by much!!

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    That was nuts .....He new he over rotated(On the first flip) and tried to save it. Even if he lands it he's too far into the moguls to save it he would have crashed anyway.
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    He went big!

    Noticed the vid title had "FAIL" in of the most overused words on the internet. Ok, he didn't stick the landing, but I wouldn't exactly tag that as a total disaster "fail". Probably a clickbait title.

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    Double backflip fail at world mogul champs

    Did he over- or under rotate? To me he looks under-rotated at the moment his skis touch down.

    Props to the guy for trying. It would've been spectacular if he'd been able to finish the course reasonably cleanly.

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    Has anyone landed a tucked double back flip yet?

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    He failed because he carried too much speed into the jump and that translated to lateral distance rather than vertical. Being dual, you can see both of them flooring the gas in mid section, they both almost loose control, Daichi looks like he regains it but he didn't. They speed he hit the jump speaks to that. Glad he managed to walk away, love the ski kicking up, what, 49 feet into the air?!

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    I watched this event live, machski is correct, he is NOT attempting a double flip on purpose, but it was the safer of the two poor options he was immediately presented with.

    BTW, this was the best moguls event I've ever seen, the skiing was incredible that night.
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