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    but it was the safer of the two poor options he was immediately presented with.
    That’s how it looks to me on tape too.

    Also, it would be odd to do a layout and tucked combo on purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abc View Post
    Has anyone landed a tucked double back flip yet?
    Irrelevant to moguls skiing, only single inverts are allowed (c.f. FIS judging guidelines 6204.3.1 So even if he had landed the double, it wouldn't have counted (I expect it would have been scored as a poorly executed single, as it's pretty clear from watching the video that the amount of air was unintentional).

    The video is pretty nuts, though, and the slow-mo above the second air shows just how hard these guys are pushing and also a fair bit of how much athleticism is involved.
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    Wow that was huge, way overshot the landing zone, how did he even get that much air!

    he went so far off axis he was in fact on axis...the progression had become regression

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    Quote Originally Posted by abc View Post
    Has anyone landed a tucked double back flip yet?
    what? doesnt everybody? I do it to warm up just for shits n giggles.

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    Great read, thanks for posting.

    I agree the fact there's barely any bumps after the 2nd jump is odd and anticlimactic.
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    Love this!

    1. vary the length of the bumps

    2. two sections of short bumps to eliminate competitors with lack of control*

    3. bumps instead of landing zone after the first jumps

    4. move the second jump higher up

    5. propper bumps until the finnish line

    6. no repeating tricks in the final rounds and/or judge air on overall impression**

    The whole sport has gotten too monotonous in the past decade. It's gotten to be like diving. Don't get me wrong, the skills guys like Kingsbury have developed are super impressive, but I'd like to see a return to competitions more like the days of Grospiron and Carmichael.

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