Popular Mechanics Article on the Superiority of Narrow, Straight Skis


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    Popular Mechanics Article on the Superiority of Narrow, Straight Skis

    Can't say whether I agree with this guy, since I've never been on anything wider than 78mm underfoot, but I am a big fan of Dynastar Twisters.


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    Reading that article was X minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    I'll save everyone the time and post that article in a single picture:

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    Old fracking Curmudgeon...
    This person was either paid by Dynastar to write this or is just a complete fó-ing idiot.

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    BG is spot on. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisingarizona View Post
    This person was either paid by Dynastar to write this or is just a complete fó-ing idiot.
    Considering they donít even make the twister anymore Iím pretty sure he isnít being paid by Dynastar to promote it. Guess Iím in the minority for agreeing with the author? Must also make me an fóing idiot.

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    I mean the author is dead wrong about a lot of it. He kept coming back to a fine point to make, that it was his preference. However, he then said things like "I noticed no difference in deep powder and they carve great" and that is fundamentally not true.

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    Not sure ďpretty nicelyĒ is the same as great and itís a stretch to say he specifically wrote he noticed no difference in powder. Maybe I have awful luck with storms but as someone who is tied to a day job I am lucky to see one legit powder day a year where I would rather be on something fatter that my mogul skis. Do they crave or float as well as race or powder skis? No of course not but I donít think thatís the authors point. I think the point is on most days the mogul skis can be more fun and practical than a set of 100+ underfoot waterskis, yet most people havenít tried or considered this option since itís not the popular trend.

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    I'm happy with 78 width skis. I don't get wide double rocker bronana boards for regular east coast skiing...outside of powder days.

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    Haha, as an old curmudgeon who was an expert level skier in the early nineties I agree with most of that especially this line "I assumed the ballyhooed “parabolic” design would upgrade my skiing. It didn’t. For me, shaped skis proved inferior in every way—more sluggish on bumps, chattery on ice, slower everywhere."

    But I would also add that almost overnight everyone else on the mountain seemed to get instantly better at skiing. I went off on my own unique journey in free-form ski odyssey but I did demo a pair of 4FRNT Renegades (122 waist) skis on an all groomer day recently and had an absolute blast on them. So I guess I'm just not that particular, if it's got wax and there's snow I'll point 'em downhill and go.
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