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    Quote Originally Posted by tnt1234 View Post
    How are the Pokes looking? Anyone? Only skiing I can hope for this weekend is half day at Blue Saturday. Looking forward to it.
    1-2" Overnight 4-6" coming tonight . Should be good
    " We're all in this together" ....Some more together than others .

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    See..I'm leaving and it started like a charm.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euler View Post
    When a grown man comments on the sexuality of 14 and 15 year olds it's gross and it's wrong. If you want to defend it....
    Its a friggin joke man.....lighten the F up.....its people like you and your ultra PC friends that are ruining this world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    1-2" Overnight 4-6" coming tonight . Should be good
    Looking forward to a short drive, fresh snow and massive crowds.

    Can't wait to try out the new skis...

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    So what about this Sunday->Monday storm? Snow day so risk it and stay up north?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    So what about this Sunday->Monday storm? Snow day so risk it and stay up north?
    I will be in Killington Sunday-Monday, so here is hoping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    I will be in Killington Sunday-Monday, so here is hoping!
    I may do the same. Waiting to pull the trigger though on seeing better agreement on what this storm does Sunday-Monday...taking Monday off could get me in big trouble at want to make sure the snowfall is worth it

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    Anyone know what's up with the snow for this weekend? Mid-vermont (Killington) weather only says "snow showers" for tomorrow but places like Mt. Snow and Hunter say "snow". Any more details?

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    The 3rd and more significant system will impact our region last Sunday into Tuesday. This system will be lifting northward from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing all that Gulf moisture with it. As the storm moves North and East along the Coast the storm will be intensifying with winds increasing. North and West of the I-95 Corridor there would be more in the way of snow, with those South and East of the I-95 Corridor seeing more in the way of rain. Parts of New York State and New England could see significant accumulating snow out of this.

    Looking out over the next 10-14 days, I see at least 3 more possible storm threats for our region.

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    Sunday night into Monday should bring some accumulation for the River & SL.
    Was over in the Whites last week(end)..boot(downhill & AT) tuneup....snow was that high & dry type...felt so good. 3/2 EDIT....At least it should add a little to the off-resort totals but am about to shoot out West sometime..for the first time

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