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    Platty 3/2/10

    Was planning on skiing Elk but pulled an audible and called a bunch of friends on Thursday for Platty . One agreed ,fortunately he's the best Mogul skier I know so I knew I'd get a workout. Left Pa. with 3" of fresh sloppy snow , driving was ugly got the last parking space in the upper lot around 10 . It was funny to see the railings and stairs as the last time I was there everything was buried from storm Riley .

    We decided to work our way across the mountain from left to right and some woods.I knew he was itching for some bumps. It was odd skiing the "Stick run " Blockbuster . I haven't skiing anything like that since I wandered into Mittersill in the 90's 3' tall blackberry bushes , I was pulling thorns out of my pants all day LOL. At least Blockbuster didn't have any thorns .

    Went in for lunch and a beer and after we came back out the temperature dropped enough to make things a bit faster . We found some bumps on Plunge and spent the afternoon lapping Plunge and cutting into the woods below the bike ramp for some fast tree runs.

    Can't say enough good things about this place. The staff acts as if they want to be there from the people helping with parking to the lifty at the top of North face ...very funny animated guy . Only my second time there but I'm going to do annual trips !!

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    Iíve never been to platt, def an easy daytrip for me, what are the lines like with only 2 lifts though? Iíd probably only get there on the weekend unless we had a big enough midweek storm here to shut down work in Manhattan.

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    My son and I were there on Friday. Ski on for both lifts. Was hoping for better powder than the leftover they had though, heard from another patron at Belleayre who was at Plattekill on Monday for a private rental that they rented out every day Monday-Thursday last week
    Last time we were there was after 2 feet dump last March and we never waited more than 10 minutes for lifts, and that was supposed to be their busiest day ever. Parking however is a different story

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    Was this the place thatís renting out the full mountain for like $5k a day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hub8 View Post

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    Damn, I could round up 49 people for a day like that easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ol Dirty Noodle View Post
    Was this the place thatís renting out the full mountain for like $5k a day?
    You can count me in

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    Haha Noodle day at Platty . Start a registration thread

    I was there last year for Storm Riley ,I thought I heard it was that was busiest day ever ? I never waited more than 10 minutes as well .It took me an hour to leave ,there we cars parked for 2 miles . The lodge was a zoo. No other ski area in the Catskills had power, I would do it again in a heartbeat. As for yesterday 2 minutes tops. Parking wasn't bad either although they pack em like sardines . The lots are terraced so get there reasonably early or walk uphill.

    You have to plan what side of the mountain you want to be on if you want to take a pit stop or you have to huff it uphill to the lodge . There is little to no run out on the slopes ,the mountain has a sustained healthy pitch . The lodge has a great vibe ,nice view and the food is good .
    I wish it wasn't such a haul for me !!!IMG_1127.jpg

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