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    Glades were crunchy and skied our on Sunday. Not sure how much the 4-5 they got last night will really make a big difference, needs more than that to really make the rocks and stumps covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladerider View Post
    yes. there is a new chair so easy to access from the sun bowl lodge it is to the right of the lodge very close to the parking lot.

    the glades were icy. i skiied yesterday and today. we got an inch or two last nite but got skiied off in the low angle glades.
    they are supposed to get 5" and that should be enuf to bring the glades back to life.
    The Sunriser 6 pack runs every day out of the Sunbowl, you're thinking of the solstice lift that hardly ever runs, and is pretty much a waste of time to take being right next to a detachable. To answer the original question, yes sunbowl is the place to start, much less crowded and you only have a short walk to the lift

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    I haven't ventured into the woods at all this year unfortunately.

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    Been shooting in and out of the woods all day. Definitely on the thin side especially after skiing much deeper bases in Maine. That hardpack underneath is VERY slick. But also a lot of untracked areas as well as some where the new snow packed into the base really well for some good turns. So good enough to ski a little bit but not really to ski glades all day. Groomers are in spiffy shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY DirtBag View Post
    Are you talking about the solstice lift? that lift is 18 years old.
    The actual Solstice lift is actually 33 years old. The Poma quad was originally installed in 1986 as the replacement for the original Sunbowl double chair (Heron) and then moved in 2001 when the Sunriser Express was installed. The same can be said for the South American lift which was once upon a time the North American lift going straight up North American (aka Frank's Fall Line) trail, it too was replaced by a HS 6 pack (URSA).

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