Stratton 03/09/2019


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    Camera Stratton 03/09/2019

    Beautiful weather and decent snow with lot's of folks out and about the mountain. Arrived early and managed to get quite a few laps in before the liftlines began to form. When they did form, they were impressive lines, but only for an hour or so and then greatly diminished around lunch time. ROTD was Dino's Drop (aka the old poma line) which saw a cat for the first time as a trail. I know some here scoff at grooming but, a couple passes with the tiller turned this trail from a C+ to an A.



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    "Traily McTrailface" looking good!
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    Nice TR! Was curious about the crowds given the volume of cars heading up 91 Friday evening. Sounds like a good day! We hope to be there next weekend.

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