WST: 3/16-17.....Mid-March Madness....


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    WST: 3/16-17.....Mid-March Madness....

    OK - what's happening this weekend?

    I haven't been checkin gate weather - snow? rain? locust? What's on tap?

    Me? Might be heading to Mighty blue mountain for some spring skiing. If there is a compelling reason for it, could hit Belleayre or Hunter. really haven't been paying attention, so please guide me with your speculation.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    Just seeing rain on Friday.
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    a full day of steady rain with temps approaching 50, followed by a cloudy day with a high of 33. enjoy.

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    rain Friday, refreeze for the weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    a full day of steady rain with temps approaching 50, followed by a cloudy day with a high of 33. enjoy.
    Where do you see steady rain? NWS Burlington says only about 1/4" total across their coverage area and currently is saying showers Friday in the official forecast. Granted we have a lot of time for things to change. Definitely could be a fast and firm weekend with dropping temps after Friday, but at least the moisture amount seems somewhat low for now.

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    gfs shows steady rain from about noon to midnight

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    Question for Saturday is how quickly does it get cold? In this situation - wet/warm Friday and no back side snow - to save Saturday it needs to stay above freezing. It's going to be a close call and the higher and further north the more its looks to be firm and fast.

    Sunday is firm and fast everywhere.

    Late the following week, the "save the spring" storm is fading on some models but still not out of the question.
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    yea, we are dog and cat sitting for our landlords next weekend, and i'm happy to sit it out.

    we have a fancy room at the woodstock inn the weekend of 3/23 and will do mad river/killington. then i'm off to silverton the next weekend. then its april and we switch to corn mode.

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    Hmmm..I guess I'm home again
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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