Belleayre 3/13 & 14/19


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    Belleayre 3/13 & 14/19

    The original plan was to go to Gore on Wednesday. Then I realized I would be counting on the sun and rising temps to soften the snow and audibled to Belle instead. Good move.

    Everything at Belle was rock hard after the freeze on Tuesday night. It didn't soften until about noon on Wednesday. But the coverage was great. Once the snow softened I got into the trees and enjoyed good corn in Dreamcatcher. Wound up staying in the trees the rest of the day. Winnisook glade turned out to be the best of the woods.

    I returned today but there was no freeze on Wednesday night. Snow started out manky and was mashed potatoes all day. Repeated my choices from Wednesday and really enjoyed the day. Temps got up into the 60's and snow loss was noticeable. I think today may turn out to be my last in the trees at Belle this season. To compensate the bumps are forming now and skied great.

    Spring is upon us.
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    This work thing is ..killing me

    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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