Transpack as a carry on?


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    Transpack as a carry on?

    I normally just put my boots in the pockets on my ski bag, but this year Iím planning on taking two pairs of skis and I donít want to be over the weight limit.
    so as the title suggests, will the airline (Delta) let me use my boot bag as a carry on bag , itís not that large but oddly shaped.30F0427F-1226-432F-AE25-2A6EA62F72BC.jpg1CBA689D-D409-4F2A-9B4D-42D835ECAC1B.jpg

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    I always take my Large Transpack as a carry on. Always fly Jetblue in the US.

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    I've used a standard size (ie original size) transpack as a carry-on many times. In my experience it fits perfectly in regular size overhead bins (ie not tiny-plane overheads). But if you are on a plane with a tiny overhead then you can always gate check. I can't comment about the larger size transpacks.

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    I thought it would be ok, thanks for the quick reply’s.
    Only my small overnight bag ever fits in the small planes, so I’m used to gate checking.

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    Flew with large carry on boot bags with American delta United and JetBlue. No issue with any of them

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    Iíve never tried it but Iím surprised a Transpack with boots in it fits in an overhead. Good to know.

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    I’m heading to Utah on Tuesday for 8 days and the weather is a toss up, so I’m to torn on which skis to take.
    I'm sure the East will get hammered while I’m gone as it always seems to happen, so you guys can thank me later.

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    A side note, Delta does consider a ski bag and boot bag as one but the combined weight still is 50lbs.

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    Since most airlines consider boot bag and ski bag to be one item, I typically check those. I put my boots in my carry-on sized luggage and include anything else I need so I won't miss a ski day if my actual skis & boot bag happen to get lost/delayed. You can always rent skis, but lost or delayed boots would really suck.
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    We use the Dakine bags as carry on that we put boots, helmet/goggles and ski pants in. Wear ski jacket on plane so if anything lost we can still ski by renting skis and poles. On way home check them since delta you get free boot back check with skis.

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