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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    California glades up top was more like 2’ Access rd was like 6”Attachment 24933

    Edit...Just once I’d like to see a photo post the right way WTF ?

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    I skied Burke this weekend. They got some nice snow, but not 31”. At least nowhere I saw.

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    My take on the ski area measurements. One day, while I working at Sunday River, they claimed 14 inches of snow. I know from the past, 14" claimed never looks like 14 on the slopes, and that is because it is constantly getting packed down as it falls, either by the skiers or the groomers at night. I simply did not believe it. But this day, I was sent on a crew of three to shovel off the front walkways of 97 condo units. I can assure you that it was a legit 14 inches of snow that fell, as most of the condo units were empty and no one had tramped the snow down any. After three years of working there, I came to believe the snow fall reports.
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    Must have too much time on my hands and/or messed-up priorities.....

    Whitey - apology for singling you out re "in-the-know" ..... 80%, me included, active members of this forum fit the description.

    Re: "trashing JP" (in context of snow totals) ..... easily the most called-out for embellishment in snow total forum discussion. I'd really like to see the % of the doubters with season-in/season-out first hand experience.

    Re: 10" snow differential over 1500' vert ..... happens here all the time! often 4"-6"-8" but, also exceeds 10"-12"-14+" (depending on storm totals) upon occasion. snowfall at Jay Peak is almost always at least 2-3 times greater than at my house, 6 miles/-2500' and, rental shop 7 miles/-3000' ..... pretty sure a discussion with any member of full-time patrol will back that up

    To sum it up: because my winter income depends on JP - I want them to remain economically viable. But, the more folks who think JP's snow reports are bogus and, allow that to influence trip planning - the better! I like fresh, untracked lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    Edit...Just once Id like to see a photo post the right way WTF ?
    Just recently figured this one out myself. When it's sideways like that - Save the picture from your phone/camera onto laptop/thumbdrive/etc. Open it up (I have MS & all my pics are all .jpg's, not sure what Apple or other systems have but I think they largely work the same). In mine there is a option at the top of the picture after you open it to "edit & create". Click that and then select "rotate and crop". Once that's open you should see "aspect ratio" as a selection - click that. And then you will get a couple of options to resize & change the pic. One of the options will say "make landscape". Click that and save it. You're done and it will post with the orientation you are looking for. Two notes, you will lose some of the edges of your picture as it crops it out to make it landscape. 2 - for some reason sometimes the "Make landscape" option is greyed out when I first click on "aspect ratio". Just click on one of the other options first and then the "make landscape" will become an available option.

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    Guys, using the app for pictures is 10x easier than screwing with a PC.

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