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    I get your point, but let's not victim blame here. Yes, he was traveling in avalanche terrain on a day that was rated considerable. That's on him. But what was the probability of a natural slide releasing and killing him? That's not just the probability of slides releasing onto the terrain that he was traveling on, but also at exactly the right time to harm him. Even with terrain rated considerable, the chances of being killed by a natural slide is quite low. Not zero obviously, but not high enough that the victim had a "death wish." As for me, I wouldn't have gone out, but everyone has their own risk tolerances. It's pretty clear that had the snowboarders not triggered that slide, the victim would still be alive. Period. To me, that's what matters.

    If the slide was triggered right by the backcountry gate, that's one thing. It's a whole different thing when it's triggered by people illegally entering terrain.

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    Closed means closed

    Another rope crossing. Less tragic this time tho.

    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Did I miss something, but where in that report did they state that this area is permanently closed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbedle View Post
    Did I miss something, but where in that report did they state that this area is permanently closed?
    It was closed during extreme avi danger. Some of them needed rescue.

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