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    Forgot to add Sundance to this list, so Snowbasin & Sundance for me. I liked them both.

    That makes 9 of the 10 Wasatch areas I've skied (missing Brighton).

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    Aspen, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass for me. We had a friend that rented a house for a month out there. Looking at the weekly rental costs, I don't think I would go there on my own. But with a free place to stay, all good. We got the Mountan collectice 50% off deal. Thanks Win and Sugarbush. All three mountains are really nice but Highlands is the best with the longest sustained steep runs. That place is aesthetically one on the most beautiful places to ski with the Maroon Bells, Mt Pyramid and other 14ers all around. Also a really fun town. Not all Shee-Shee all the time. We found the local folks to be a real hoot to party with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushpilot View Post
    When were you here? Did you try Mt Bachelor? Huge mountain with the most consistent conditions I’ve experienced. 443 inches so far this year!
    Looks like it was 2005 and 2015. Bachelor was good both times. Actually spent 3 days there in 2005 rather than just the one I had planned. Was a low snow year for them but they still had plenty. But Hoodoo, Willamette, Hood Ski Bowl, Ashland were all either closed or just running beginner areas. Got lucky with Timberline a Hood Meadows, storm rolled in at the end of both trips. Destroyed my snowboard on those sharp pointy rocks though.

    Still working on my 10 new for the year. Picked up Tahoe Donner and Sky Tavern this week. Planning on Soda Springs/Boreal tomorrow and Granlibakken Sat or Sun. Yes, I'm trying to set a record for the lowest average vert for 10 new areas.

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    I too found Skrn's progression interesting, e.g. second year person talking about Castlerock. But 50 days in second year is getting into it in a big way

    3.5 new.
    1. Crested Butte: funnel at crested butte.jpg
    2. Big Sky:
    3. Telluride: climbing gold hill telluride.jpg

    .5 Beavers at A-Basin: DSCN7684.jpg Bonus shot of Telluride
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    I picked up Jack Frost and Montage. First-time skiing in PA.Montage had some fresh Pocono Pow (the man-made stuff).

    Outwest I picked up Loveland and Cooper this year.

    The snow cat terrain at Cooper looks great , I wish Ithey could put a lift up there. LL was a bluebird spring day. Perfect. I loved the vibe
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    Mt Orford, Owls Head, Val d'Isere, Tignes.

    Nothing new in country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skimagic View Post
    The snow cat terrain at Cooper looks great , I wish Ithey could put a lift up there. LL was a bluebird spring day. Perfect. I loved the vibe
    Well at least Cooper has that cool new t-bar coming. Great place to go to avoid the crowds. Skied there on Saturday of Presidents weekend 1 year. Maybe there was a 4 chair wait.

    Knocked off Soda Springs and Boreal today. Great time at Soda Spring, plenty of untracked...hmmm...mush. Big fun on a snowboard. Boreal was a s#!t show. Fun terrain features, but they seemed unprepared for the crowds the $25 ticket would bring in. Wish they had more lifts/terrain open. But trip has been so great I can't complain about 1 less thsn perfect afternoon. Funny how I was looking more forward to Boreal, but had a much better time at Soda, just goes to show ya.

    Now just need Granlibakken to bring me home!

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    Go Jay go!

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    Okay got one today. Mount Bohemia. Great place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Okay got one today. Mount Bohemia. Great place!

    Awesome! How did you manage to get up there?

    I did manage to make it to Granlibakken today. I'm finally "Tahoe complete" Crazy day at Squaw, skied in rain, snow, hail, sunshine. Surface conditions were great though. Cut out at 2:45 and caught a courtesy shuttle to the car. We made from snow to Granlibakken in about 15 minutes. Spent about an hour on the poma and another hour on the sledding hill. Kids and I had a great time there. Funny thing is they ran that poma lift all day and we made the 3rd track down the hill at around 3.

    Anyway that completes my 10 new ski areas that pretty much nobody will be jealous of. I'll have to check the stats, but I suspect their total combined vert is less than a number of North America's larger ones. We had a great time at ll of them, even with the lightning at Bear Creek and the craziness at Boreal.

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