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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Im not going..should be epic
    thanks man. Forecast deteriorating a little, but I'm sure the latest models haven't picked up your plans yet.

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    Yeah, fair amount of rain showing up in the forecasts now.

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    Anyone have any thoughts on gore this weekend? Webcams donít look so great but they pretty much just show the lift loading areas

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    81s are gonna dredge the bottom much quicker than your 93s(duh...). This weekend will be rather rough, even up here, but there should still be enough for a few weeks longer....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnt1234 View Post
    thanks man. Forecast deteriorating a little, but I'm sure the latest models haven't picked up your plans yet.
    I'll send them...going to the gun range and going to blast little paper targets into oblivion...
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    just booked a free to cancel room for saturday night. some rain friday>sat but it looks to clear out pretty quickly and sunday is warm and dry

    will leave around 5:30 AM saturday, ski 12-5 at sugarbush, drive down to rutland to crash, and hit either k or stratton on sunday. probably stratton, as i've got two k days i'd like to hang on to. i somehow still have an extra skiVT, but i feel funny using it at okemo or mt snow, places i just dont care for. but maybe they'd be better than another stratton day. i dont think getting up to jay or burke is in the cards for me this season.

    major soakers in the forecast for mon/tues and next weekend, so it seems like this weekend is the move.
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    Planning a day trip to Pico for a couple of AT laps on Sunday. Should be fun with the mountain shut down.

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    Given rain this weekend and Easter next weekend, I think last Wednesday's corn snow in the sun on teleskis will be the end of the season for me. Wasn't a bad way to go out... see y'all next year!


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    Bellayreís opening for Saturday, I know itíll prob suck but Iím going to Smuggs 4/20-4/21 so Iíll prob just shoot up to bell Saturday bang out 5-10 runs and head home. After that I plan on spending the majority of May at Killington

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    might be a little slushy tomorrow, be we're heading up to Stowe tonight.

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