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    K Zone seems like a great site for inside ski area talk and some and meeting people to ski with. That crew is always drinking and grilling and the pictures and reports daily are better then any ski area snow report. Sure there are some goofy topics and some ramble about ski area designs and needs that are just over the top. But nothing compared to the garbage here. The one sided look at most ski topics, everyone’s hard on for Mount Snow, dentists that ski out west once a year and now think they can lead guide a heli trip and spew their face knowledge all over. This site is a full of old middle of road skiers that think they know everything and have no clue and won’t take any other opinions.

    Also this thread is about an avi death. And we have turned it into a TGR death thread about everything else but topic. This is that Mods fault.

    Tuckermans is by no means crazy avy terrain 9 of 10 trips. But It can happen and did. I’ll never QB a solo skiers decision because that solo skier is me most of the time. Keep skiing tucks and pour some out next time before dropping in.

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    Maybe had you not needlessly made the comments you did (which were publicly called out) that I deleted and then came back to whine about it, we wouldn't have gone down this path. Maybe had someone else looking to stir crap up with me due to grievances he has with me elsewhere on the net minded his own business, we wouldn't gone down this path.

    Sorry this one is on you two. Am I contributing to the continuation? Sure. But I'm not going to sit back and take crap from both of you and not defend myself. Not happening.

    Clearly your opinion of this forum and it's members is very low AND your opinion of yourself is VERY high. If you're too good for the group, why stick around?

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    Sucks someone got caught up and died..
    I've eyed up Raymond Cataract before - actually climbed up it with some friends but thought it was too unstable to ride - so we hoofed it over to the Snowfields/Right Gully area... On a good snow year it always tempts me.

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    I’ve skied/ridden Tucks about 6-7 times, and hiked it without snow at least another 10 times. One of my snowboarding days happened on the day after an avalanche occurred, and the fallen snow pack was like cement. On another ski day, I distinctly remember the feeling of no resistance as I dug my ski boot in climbing up, and thinking I could hear water flowing beneath. It is never a good idea to venture into this terrain alone. It’s a shame there is now another statistic.
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    "Extrication from cravasses is unlikely"

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    Hiking up with Andy Z many moons ago my foot went through the snow 3/4 way up..below was a river..which killed a skier 2 weeks later..scary place.
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    That report is sobering. I was hoping he was knocked unconscious during the slide and unaware of his burial but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. F
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    A couple years ago out of curiosity I posted a question on the T4T forum asking if anyone skied that area . The answers came back to beware the lower section for undermined snow . They pretty much said stay away ..Lots of Rockpile knowledge over there .

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    A hard wind slab at a 38 degree apex over a serious terrain trap is crazy scary stuff. They (freshly loaded hard slabs) can be really easy to spot for the experienced but they get a lot of folks that don’t quite have that mileage yet.

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