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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy View Post
    A lot of rain. This stinks. I was hoping to get to Sunday River on Easter, but I will have to wait and see what they have open.
    Friends told me mountain skied great yesterday, got some rain but nothing devastating up there. The operating plan for this weekend is just Barker and White Heat quads. Possible they toss an Easter Surprise and run Spruce too but I wouldn't count on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ol Dirty Noodle View Post
    She just kinda up and left lol, she’d been distant the past few months and then just one day in March she said she wanted out. We weren’t legally married so it was clean and easy, no animosity. Plus as opposed to me waiting for my ex on every run, I’m chasing the new girl she really shreds lol
    Sounds like you traded up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Sounds like you traded up!
    Fucking A right lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    How can anybody opt out of skiing Saturday because of weather on monday? You people put way too much faith in a weather forecast.
    Because the forecast has been consistently bad for a week and the models continue to agree

    Hell, smuggs even just cancelled their closing weekend due to weather

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    Burke called it a season as well.

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    Sugarloaf - the King of Spring is still going strong! For those of you who are lamenting the end (of ski season), there is still a lot of nice terrain that's open. If it weren't for the strong pull from my biking buddies, I'd go. Cheap tickets and accommodations too.
    Live for today

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