The procrastinator that I am, I waited til the last minute to file my tax returns. I used Intuit Turbo Tax, and checked the "free" option. After several minutes of entering, and re-entering information, I arrived at a page that informed me that I couldn't continue with the "free" edition, and in order to continue, I'd have to upgrade to Turbo Tax Deluxe for $49.95, which can be conveniently deducted from my refund. WTF, I have the most basic tax form, 1040EZ, standard deduction. Now what? Try some other "free" filer, Tax Slayer, H&R Block? Enter, and re-enter my info, for what? To be baited and switched into paying for their "free" filing. I swallowed hard, and upgraded. Other than having to put my shoes back on to retrieve my wallet and driver's license from my car, everything else went smoothly. At the end I noticed not only was $49.95 deducted from my refund, there was also a fee to receive my refund on a debit card, and something else I can't remember, and can't access now. The total deduction from my refund from my "free" filing amounts to $142!

In the past few years my federal refund was filed free, and there was a charge to file state. It was $30 or so. Fair enough, I guess. My question is. Why do I need to go through a third party to file my tax returns? I can get the necessary forms from the post office, or online, fill them out, and file them for the price of a stamp. Why can't I do this electronically through an IRS website? This is bullshit. To get baited and switched into paying these assholes makes it even worse. I blame the government, what a scam. I will be filing paper returns next year. Progress?

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