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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    Kicking horse and revelstoke are in a different league of challenge vs banff. Louise can be very gnarly but doesn’t need to be. Rev and particularly kicking horse are pretty steep and exposed. At kicking horse a steep entrance is required for every run unless you take the cat track of shame down

    The terrain at sunshine was laughably boring. Perhaps the worst terrain I’ve ever skied out west. The goat eye chair is the only decently steep skiing with vertical >1000. All the other lifts serve up like 800 feet of medium pitched low angle open snowfields. And Delirium dive requires avy gear and is barely ever open.

    My max altitude on ski tracks is only 200 feet higher for sunshine vs Louise (8800 v 9000)
    I pretty much agree. Goat's Eye has some pretty fun terrain. I haven't skied Delirium Dive, but it's supposed to be excellent when it's open. I will say that on a bluebird day, the views from Sunshine Village can't be beat. If you're on a week long vacation, it's worth a day of skiing in my opinion.

    Lake Louise is a huge, with some incredible alpine skiing in the back bowls. Note that Lake Louise gets about as much snow as Cannon (160"), which is not a lot! Though to be fair the back bowls will get more due to wind loading. It takes a long time for the great terrain to fill in, but when it does it lasts a long time thanks to excellent snow preservation on the north-facing backside slopes. March is a much better bet in terms of snowpack, temperature, and daylight.

    A day at Kicking Horse if you're an expert skier is a must.

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    Iím so glad everyone hates SS. It wonít be overrun by all those steep chasing east coasters.

    Iíve been to Banff area several times. I like them both. Iíve always split my days between LL and SS, depending on weather and conditions.

    Iíve also skied Kicking Horse. While steep, thereís nothing else to recommend it. The lifts are poorly laid out. Practically no true intermediate terrain, never mind beginners terrain. In less than perfect weather, thereís very little shelter from trees. Nothing else to do in town either. Would I go again? Absolutely! But would I recommend it to anyone and everyone? Absolutely NOT!!!

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    I like both Sunshine and LL as well. My one day at Kicking Horse I got weather screwed hard. My friend who was with me went back to KH the following season and got screwed again. Top of the gondola fully socked in and not many trees for reference. Scary.

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    Thanks for all the helpful info everyone!
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    If you fly all the way up to Calgary and you do not ski kicking horse and Revelstoke you wasted the trip. Make sure to go. The only people that I have ever heard Poo-Poo those two areas are on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk View Post
    If you fly all the way up to Calgary and you do not ski kicking horse and Revelstoke you wasted the trip. Make sure to go. The only people that I have ever heard Poo-Poo those two areas are on here.
    Agreed. However, the dude is traveling with non-skiers. There's not much to do in Revelstoke/Kicking horse.

    LL is the best of the of the Big3. Sunshine gets significantly more snow than Louise, and does not suck despite what Krusty said. Norquay... Let's just say it should be called the Big2.

    Having said that, there is no reason to ski any of the Big 3 with Revy and KH so close. All the driving you do daily to get to Louise and Sunshine would be better spent getting to one of the other 2 resorts. They get better terrain and, especially better snow consistently (and especially Revelstoke). In addition Revy is the world's capital of heli/cat skiing, and is 40 minutes away from Rogers Pass, Canada's backcountry skiing capital.

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    Interesting variety of responses to OP's questions.
    I went to the Big3 last March and also Revy on same trip. Revy was neat with great potential, but rain-soaked and low-viz during my visit. Found much better conditions at the Big3 same week. Best conditions were at Sunshine and I found some nice challenge in Del Dive and Goats. Photos and more commentary here:
    Suffice to say, none of the cited ski areas are losers. Even little Norquay had fascinating history, magnificent scenery and some bad-a$$ bumps runs off the ancient North American chair.

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    No mention of Mount Noraquay ? I know it's a tiny place but me and my buddies would have skied it if there was some new snow . Steeps and bumps from what I heard . Scenery is awesome and it's close to Banff.
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    sunshine is cool i guess if you like lame ass terrain.

    buy a park pass for your car. they will ticket you in the resort lots if you dont have one.

    saying kicking horse is poorly laid out is ridiculous. they have a gondola that serves 4000 vertical and 90% of their terrain. they have a high elevation chairlift to serve the other 10%, and a chair that goes to mid mountain if the weather is socked in at the top. the gondola lets you access like 4 different ridges with over 100 different bowls, chutes, or couloirs, that open up into nice aprons that lead to decent bump or tree skiing. repeat x 6 = 25000 vertical day with 6 chair rides. it's one of the most efficient lift layouts i've ever encountered. abc's opinions are almost always absurd, and condescending, so no surprise there. having no intermediate terrain is a positive. it means less children and weak ass skiers to deal with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    sunshine is cool i guess if you like lame ass terrain.
    Sunshine, sort of lame:
    sunshine lame terrain.jpg

    sunshine vince view.jpg

    Not so lame:
    sunshine not so lame goats eye.jpg

    sunshine more goats eye.jpg

    Very not lame:
    sunshine delirium from goats eye.jpg

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