Another BC springtime death


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    Another BC springtime death

    Professional freeskier Dave Treadway fell into 100' deep crevasse. 38 years old, he leaves behind wife & little children.
    “ 'There are crevasses all over the backcountry and in the glacial area. Various ones may have an ice bridge over them or something, and some of them can be sight unseen.' ”

    Full story:

    If it's snowin' I'm goin'

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    I read about that. Sad. RIP

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    3 more....RIP

    3 World Class Alpinists Presumed Dead After Canadian Avalanche:
    If it's snowin' I'm goin'

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    Sad news indeed. Price of an epic season?

    Does anyone else find it strange that at the end of the story about man fallen into crevasse to remind people the importance of carrying avalanche beacon? Seems ropes and harness would be more appropriate to help prevent that particular incident...

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