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    What ski area was owned by the owner of PBR? Think they are in the ski hall of fame

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBGM View Post
    This is true. It was Jesse Boyd. Hes the son of the #1 at Peak. He was like overseeing all Jack Frost and big boulder at the time of this bust. Now I think hes in charge of all mountain operations for peak. So yeah...good company.
    Then this whole thing is completely F'd up. Will employees start to walk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    Then this whole thing is completely F'd up. Will employees start to walk?
    Given the rural location of many Peak Resort properties, not exactly a plethora of job offerings for current Peak employees to walk to if they so choose. And for many they moved to those areas for the mountain lifestyle, so asking them to give that up, while it may sound reasonable on paper, may be a huge leap in reality.

    In the big scheme of things, the likelihood is just like the cross section of passionate skiers and riders than make up the core of AZ isn't an accurate view of what the overall make up of the majority of skier/rider visits at any given resort day in and day out is, the overall impact of what the Sackler's increasing their stake in Peak resorts last year will end up being to the majority of Peak customers is likely going to be minimal in the big scheme of things. It's just not going to get the national media attention like say the Dick's Sporting Goods and removing guns and ammunition from their stores choice, or the Target bathroom/dressing room of your choice media issue or the Yeti pulling their brand status with NRA members did.

    Will there be people in these companies and/or Doctors who willingly over prescribed Opiods continued to be brought up on charges and/or face fines and possible jail time? Yup. Will the media attention decrease over time? Probably, as more and more these days the "relevance" of a media pushed topic has a shorter and shorter lifespan to the general public (even if a small cross section of the population continues to be borderline obsessed with the topic.

    Is this a BIG social deal/crisis? Yup. Is it also a multi-factorial situation? Yup. Has Oxycontin in particular, when used properly been a godsend for some select patients? Yup. Has Oxycontin when used properly, as well as used not properly been a terrible drug that has caused addiction and overdose issues? No doubt about it
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG. View Post
    Not sure I hold anything against Peaks so that would be inappropriate to me. Yes they took bad $ but it's tough for me to blame them. I'm sure I've made money from investments in pharma. Do the Sacklers manage day to day ops at Peaks resorts? doubtful.

    Peaks runs ski areas...although the fact that a lift ops had to be revived from an overdose is pretty chilling.
    Yes, and there was another overdose in the bar. That guy did not make it

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    I have my own personal view about this. I have friends that took oxy and became mildly addicted. Sweats, headaches, sick feelings. One from shoulder surgery, one from a hip replacement. We have talked about this a number of times and they blame doctors and the FDA more then the sackers. In the general scheme of things drug companies come up with all kinds of medications. Son Good some bad, some work and some fail and cause great harm. Most try with good intensions but the pressure to succeed with big money on the line is a huge problem. Where was the FDA with trials and testing. Where were the doctors when the patients came back with addiction symptoms? I mean is was not long after the drug was released that everybody knew it was addictive. The big picture is that if we sue and put out of business all these companies that make the drugs, then who will find the next cure? With the current drug problems the northeast is facing, people want heads and where do we draw the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    What ski area was owned by the owner of PBR? Think they are in the ski hall of fame
    They sure as hell aren't in the beer hall of fame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Awesome news. I love how the government is really starting to make this a focus. Part of the reason this became an epidemic is that for years, nothing was done. The "summit" to holistically address the opioid problem kicked off this week.
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    MJ is a debate for another time but the point was the kid liked to get high and chased bigger and "better" highs and it caught him.
    Quote Originally Posted by sull1102 View Post
    Sorry for your loss, but MJ had zero to do with it. Blaming MJ is truly a problem in this country because it is an excuse that is too easy to use.

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