We got our last VT weekend of skiing in over the Easter holiday doing 2 days at Stowe then 2 days at Jay Peak after Stowe closed for the season on Sunday. We had never skied that late in the season before so we had no idea what to expect. Unfortunately the conditions on Saturday at Stowe were pretty rough. The cover was still good they had over 60 trails open on Mt Mansfield but it was foggy and a little icy in the morning. Then starting around noon the rain came down and turned the whole mountain into a sheet of ice. Below, the first 3 pictures are from Toll house and Standard in the morning. After the rain started coming down I stayed out there until 1.30 or so then called it a day. Nosedive was really the only challenging run skiable although I did hop in the Nosedive glades once which surprisingly weren't horrible considering the conditions.

Fortunately Sunday ended up being outstanding with 70 degree blue sky weather and near perfect spring skiing conditions. Stowe surprised us by re-opening the gondola then keeping it running until noon so we got the chance to ski that side of the Mt Mansfield as well which was really nice. Perry Merrill is our favorite intermediate run at Stowe the last two pictures are from that run on Sunday it was in perfect spring skiing condition. By 2 p.m. my wife and son went in for the day so I had a chance to finish off the Stowe season strong......20190420_112839.jpg20190420_114822.jpg20190420_114816.jpg20190421_094432.jpg20190421_123524.jpg

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