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    What to do to get better after skateboarding hours

    It is normal that many skateboarders can spend three to four hours each time to riding around the public areas since it usually invigorates them a lot. Each skateboarder may have their own grounds for embarking on playing this sport and the main motivation may often come from having a healthier body.

    Also, the difficulty levels and the prizes from the competitions light them up to persevere in skateboarding.

    There are many factors affecting your skateboarding performance. It could be due to the board that not proper for you, especially when you are newbies. To solve this, do not worry and click which skateboard is best for beginners to change it.

    However, the most common obstacle that most of the skateboarding players have to cope with is the weariness and tenderness after many practicing hours which tend to appear the following day. Each one has different ways to face this. Some might be not susceptible to these dull pains and can even continue to go play excitingly regardless of bruises on their body. For others, you might want to look for some useful ways to truly enjoy the skating and forget about the pains in the previous session.

    Increase your frequency of skating

    It sounds illogical but this comes from a basic ground which is the physical essence of skateboarding, similar to the other physically demanding sports. If you halt to play for several days, you will not get accustomed to the bruises. For example, those who experience a succession of wet and showery days are condemned to postpone their skateboarding activity till the sunny days. When it comes to the better weather, their muscles will become stiff since they will not well react to a spell of tenderness during a certain period of time.

    Therefore, the more frequent you skate, the more you adjust to the pains, thereby it will not affect your body too seriously. Notice that this method also causes your body some sufferings sometimes, so just try to keep doing it every single day for about 20 to 30 minutes and focus on your improvements and staying optimistic, then you will refine day by day.

    Doing warm-up activities at the beginning and at the end of the session

    It does not take you too much time to do some stretching activities, namely, twisting your wrists and the ankles or squatting down. In reality, if you do not spend a little bit of your time warming up, it would definitely leave the pains for you then. All the skateboarding master also warm up their body before every competition.

    It is recommended by the experts that unless you want to be hurt, you have to start from stretching. If you find it uncommon to do, relax and start off from now on. You can also limber up as much as possible in a day.
    probably after getting up, after taking a nap, before and after skating, and before sleeping. This will be beneficial for your blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

    Doing some gentle exercise to loosen up after skating

    It is as crucial as a warm-up activity as it helps your body to be able to relax after hours of practicing. A simple exercise here is going for a stroll in the park after finishing your skating. Or you can simultaneously record a video or take photographs with your mates, even if you are not a professional cameraman. It will give more time for your blood to freely circulate.

    Supplement your body with more protein food and keep hydrated after every session

    This can be considered one of the most effective ways to get better after exercising. You should provide your body with a sufficiency of foods containing from 40-60 grams of protein right after each session of skating, plus drinking more carbohydrates - added water. Your muscles would be revived if you could top up glycogen content and increase the insulin.


    If you are vegetarian, you can try protein drinks originating from plants. They are quite costly but obviously it is worth considering. Besides, you can revive your muscle by eating bananas since it contains a great amount of sodium

    Take sounder slumbers

    Good sleep is beneficial for your muscle’s revival. When you burn the midnight oil to do the unnecessary things after skating hours, then you are ignoring that favor. Getting a 7 - to 9-hour slumber is the most ideal for the young generation. If some of you find it hard to drift off to sleep, you can try drinking a glass of Chrysanthemum tea every night before hitting the sack. Another important thing is that you have to follow the rule of saying no to digital gadgets like phone, tablet, and laptop before sleeping since theses gadgets will engross you and deprive you of sound sleep.

    Whether you choose which means, try to get a deep and peaceful sleep to wake up invigoratingly tomorrow and continuing your passion for skateboarding. And in case you want to boost your skateboarding passion, see more useful articles in Skateadvisors

    Alleviate strain

    The strain from your working and personal life will be obviously harmful to your health. The best way to stay away from it is forgetting it and so go out socializing with your friends on a regular basis. Or probably you can have some light outdoor activity cycling and jogging to get more fresh air. These ways can be a great pill for your mental recovery gradually.

    Soak your feet in cold water and have a bath with hot water

    A relaxing method you can try is to soak your feet in cold water for 12-15 minutes, then soaking your body in hot water right after that to loosen up your joints and muscles to make it well - functioned for the next practice session. It is common knowledge that cold water can ease to heal your bump appearing while riding and hot water does wonder for your blood circulation. A combination of these two easy - to - do methods will bring to you an unbelievably good result.

    We hope that this article can bring you more helpful information about how to do to revive well after many hours of skateboarding. There is no denying that the tenderness ca not disappear immediately after you apply these methods. Nevertheless, if you have a passionate interest in skateboarding, that would be your big encouragement to deal with it and make every pain deserving. Like people say, no pain, no gain.

    See more articles about skateboarding at:
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    What are the other 3 mountains?

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    You spelled weekend wrong. Forgot some letters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBGM View Post
    You spelled weekend wrong. Forgot some letters.
    You don't have many friends, do you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    You don't have many friends, do you!
    I though it was good catch. Friends with keenly-honed proof-reading skills like that ought to be in pretty high demand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBGM View Post
    You spelled weekend wrong. Forgot some letters.
    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    You don't have many friends, do you!

    Just when it seemed like FBGM was becoming less of a douche he reverts back to form!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Just when it seemed like FBGM was becoming less of a douche he reverts back to form!
    That is no where near his potential. That was very mellow

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    That is no where near his potential. That was very mellow
    Agreed; lame.

    The low-hanging fruit was an east coast ski trip planned 10 months in advance.
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    Agreed; lame.

    The low-hanging fruit was an east coast ski trip planned 10 months in advance.
    Yeah I was wondering if this was somehow and accidental re-post from this winter. It’s barely May for gods sake. Only thing that would have made this more wierd is if he asked how the weather looked!
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    Who knows. Could be a family reunion type thing, a friend with a timeshare they need to fill. I agree that booking an Eastern ski trip 10 months in advance is a little unusual, but might as well answer her question. I'd do so knowing a bit more information

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