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    In this video a few times. Thanks Steve Z!

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    Right where I want to be
    Going to K either Sat or Mon
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    don't believe the forecast. Sunday was suppose to rain and it was blazing again
    I'm upset at myself for not going, van was packed and I was up at 5am and backed out last second because of the thunderstorm forecasts. Going this Sunday no matter what, need my Spring Superstar fix!

    he went so far off axis he was in fact on axis...the progression had become regression

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    Superstar still skiing great. Top in the clouds today, but still good up there. The breakover is starting to show on skiers right, the spine is still fine and plenty of material to work with. The other problem spot is right before the breakover into Preston's. It's fine today and likely tomorrow but could require bridging later this weekend. Ski on-off all weekend, not sure about that for next weekend but should be continuous in between. Be aware we are into the World Cup base now, Icy out of bumps especially today in low 50's and overcast. Mogul surface took a beating and with the ice coming through, they are challenging outside of where they have had traffic. Sun remainder of weekend will hopefully help smooth them out.IMG_20190524_120533.jpgIMG_20190524_115851.jpgIMG_20190524_120029.jpg

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    Should be up there Monday. And again next Sunday if they're open.
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    Skiied a few laps at Killington on Saturday. Lots of people there. They have been grooming a stripe down the middle but it had already started to bump up by the time I got there at 11:00. Snow was scraped down to the World Cup ice sheet in the troughs, but even the icy parts were easily edgeable. Coverage is still quite solid, although starting to creep in from the sides, I think they have a good chance of making it to June again this year (only a week away).


    Guy in foreground looks like he got impaled, LOL:

    Apparently Batman & Robin were also there, although unfortunately I did not spot them on Superstar with their capes fluttering behind them:


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