Ski pole attack punctures kid's brain


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    Ski pole attack punctures kid's brain

    ''David Keir says on the evening of March 30 his son Max and an unidentified man in a yellow ski jacket swerved to avoid each other while skiing down a run called The Cut. He says the man thrust a ski pole at the boy's head with sufficient force to puncture his brain.''

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    That is terrifying. If it was an accident, I would think the guy would have stuck around.

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    Scary ...I can remember in the 80's an accident in the Poconos where the patient was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital with a ski pole embedded up the the basket in his temple . EMTs or Ski Patrol did a good job cutting off the pole . I believe he survived .

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    That reminds me of the first few days i started skiing at a rope tow on a golf course.A guy came out of control and ran into the lift line.Had his poles pointed straight ahead and planted one of the pointed tips(at that time) right to the basket in a persons thigh.Almost ended my short skiing career.

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