Scott ski tripping ski days


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    Scott ski tripping ski days

    Last year thanks to my great friends Bob, Jim , Phil and Dan I got out 2 new great Mc Colley Lots of great Lakes
    Awesome laid back feel lots. Good consistent steep runs .Not huge vertical I very happy to have ski there. Greek several times which I liked a lot to.
    Plattekill was awesome maybe 4 times. On day that famous skier was their that made Phil day.
    Crazy how many people where saying what I know that they love the vibe of plattekill
    Bellaire a few times
    Gore once.
    Great season after skiiping 2017 2018
    That was my choice to skip mostly because that when my dad passed.
    Thanks you Bob for letting me. Stay at your place getting me eating have fun times
    Thank u glade runner who brought me to liberty after skiing Catskills then going home to Binghamton .
    Thanks u Dan to getting me to ski Greek and
    Jim getting from Sullivan County which is far out the way and get me to Bellaire an d bring me back to my former residence then to
    It was a awesome season now my goal is at least 30 day a looking forward to skiing lots more with all my friends in near future.

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    Sounds like a great season Scotty. Good on ya!

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    Nice to see you back in the saddle again, Scotty.
    If it's snowin' I'm goin'

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    Scotty doing very well. Got to visit his new apartment in Middletown very nice.

    Now that he can get to Newburgh easily trips anywhere a possibility. I see a lot of Gore action now as well.

    So happy to see things work out so well for you bud.

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    Thanks you everyone
    Thanks my friend Jim
    Iove the my apartment too.
    I very lucky for my family getting me into this RSS apartment program
    And for everything they Due for me

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