Letís talk about snoring!


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    Letís talk about snoring!

    Iím a horrible snorer. I was also diagnosed with a mild case of sleep apnea a few years ago. Did a sleep study for a CPAP machine but it went poorly so sleep has generally been an issue for me and the wife for years. Iíll start snoring a couple of hours into sleep and she gets up and moves to the spare bedroom every night.

    Iíve been trying something for a couple of weeks thatís dramatically improved my issues. Itís called SnoreRx. Itís a mouthpiece similar to what youíd wear playing hockey. I donít wake up struggling for breath anymore so it appears to have addressed the apnea also. The wife verifies this.

    Iíve tried a bunch of dumb crap over the years to address the snoring but this is the first thing that has worked. If anyone has similar problems I can tell you itís worth a try.

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    i yell at my and she rolls on her solved. Problem solved.

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