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I wonder when anti-trust concerns come up?
Not sure it will, as if you take a look at where Vail's existing properties are, and where Peak's are, there's very little overlap, and with respect to New England, one could easily make the argument that post closing of the deal, that Alterra/Ikon will still have a greater share of the New England market.

Vail with this deal, just made it much more enticing for the skiers/riders up and down the I-95 corridor from Boston to DC, who aren't committed to a home mountain in the East, and like to take a trip or 2 out West a year, to go Epic, with now more day trip East Coast options (especially in the DC/Philly/NYC market) than IKON.

And Peak buying the Snowtime resorts last year in the DC/Philly market, now looks to be an even better move, as I'm guessing that made Peak and their market share in that sizable population base, look even better.

Now the question is will Alterra pull a knee jerk move and quickly buy up say Jay/Burke or maybe even Mountain Creek or a Pocono or Catskills area to try and gain some more enticement for the now much more wide open Eastern multi-pass option market??