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    Quote Originally Posted by skinowworklater View Post
    That's soooo lame. If this happened this past summer or spring and it still hasn't been fixed WTF! Especially considering all the marketing BS that the mountain is "pumping" out. Heads should roll!
    I agree, they keep tooting about the 10% increase but they are currently running on half or so of what they had last year. Need I spell out part of the delay here? It deals with $$$...

    They really should just fess up to their customers about what is going on (and not leave that to Donny). They keep on about their big 10% increase yet they only have 8 trails open. One might think they tossed in the towel on Snowmaking (which they didn't) but right now their communications and what they have done are producing horrible optics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiberg1 View Post
    I actually went to SR last weekend, got out of car looked at line, creeping lift, surprisingly limited snowmaking results and left. Did not even ski and I have a pass. I would not pay for what they have produced so far, loon is better option right now. Cannon way ahead by looks of it. They open next weekend.
    SR only had 4 routes Saturday but I didn’t wait for any chairs. I was a single, but the group lines were minimal

    Loon had more routes, more overall vertical on offer, less in the way of consistent steep pitches, but way more people than sr. a couple of runs with skiing under the guns with soft dry man made. They started loading the gondola at 7:40 or so and I got a lot of skiing in from 7:45-10, but then the gondola line got long and I called it at 11 to head home.

    stopped in a pretty snazzy disepnsary in Worcester. expensive but very nice product. prices will come down eventually as more open and the other states get their systems up and running I suppose

    Good to get my first set of consecutive ski days in. Legs are burnin a little

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    New pipeline, new pumps, "10% increase in snowmaking this year" so where does this leave us???????????????
    On a handful of trails, oh boy! I'm a pass holder who is anxious to ski, but not on 8 trails. No thanks I'll spend my money elsewhere till things improve(?) thank you.
    Just back from the ski show and saw where some of our $$$ went. It went to a fricking "she shed" full of crap.

    FWIW, the Beast had a great booth with a band and a live feed from the mountain showing what looked to be mid winter conditions......

    Think I'll go to the Beast next weekend.

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    I have been to SR twice. Once in 2012 and once last year. Last year was probably the most "luxurious" ski trip I've had in 5 years or so. I stayed at the Boyne-owned White Cap Lodge 3 nights, and walked to the mountain to ski each day (3 days). I give no craps about the following things I will mention but they did stand out to me...everything off-mountain was bare-bones...the lodges, the hotel. The hotel has old-style CRT TV's. That shocked me! Blast from the past, lol! Things were just "tired" looking...but it was everywhere. Each lodge looks like it's falling apart.

    The place needs some serious investment. One new lift in the past 10 years if I have my history correct...and that was because the damn thing failed catastrophically...I think that says a lot.
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    From their website:
    With Mother Nature's help from last week, low temps, and a 10% increase in snowmaking capacity, the open terrain is growing by the day. Keep checking in on openings as we work towards expanding to Spruce Peak and South Ridge.

    They have 2 lifts and 11 Trails open and will be closing Lazy, Risky and Tourist trap for grooming temporarily, tomorrow.

    That's a whole lot of talking, not so much doing.....

    But truth be told, I'm happy that it is November 18 and I am skiing, 5 hours today.
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    I don't get the complaining, its early, it will get better. Skied Sunday and it was great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverveteran View Post
    I don't get the complaining, its early, it will get better. Skied Sunday and it was great.
    See this post from the SR community board. Currently the system is running at only 50%. Yes, I thought conditions were good on Friday but it was a lot less terrain than I expected them to have or be working towards given what I know they can do. There is a reason, the new pumps are yet to come online. All will be good and Snowmaking capability should be super impressive once they are running full capacity!


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    Skied about 5 hours today, lessons from MASR, in the rain. We volunteer for our day, rain or shine, so are the lessons.

    I did take a few pictures of the new carpet lifts going in:

    The hoops for the covers, we are guessing they attache to each of the stations supporting the carpet lift. We think they will stretch canvass of some sort over them.

    This is from the Locke Mid station:

    It was snowing at the top, raining at the bottom, and I still wore a smile!
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    Canvas? or are they getting the clear tubes?

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