So, last year I took the family out west for their first time Feb Break week to soli/brighton for 5 days. Little to no crowds. Looking to move the annual 'out west trip' up to Christmas break this year since it is easier for my work schedule (week after xmas 12/29-1/4). Looking at a few options and are receptive to any and all options. Budget really isn't a concern, but travel time and convenience is with 2 kids 11 and 7. Looking to stay slopeside for 5-6 days.

My main concerns are Intense Crowds and a low tide snowfall situation.

Big Sky would seem to be the best bet for crowd avoidance. Copper maybe too, but I don't see that as a 'destination'.

Is everywhere just going to be jammed with people and we should stick to Feb break (would suck for work but can deal)?


Jackson Hole?

I just don't have any 'holiday week' experience out west in the past 20 years and am seeking opinions