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    Quote Originally Posted by mbedle View Post
    To each is own, but I don't want to go back to the days of waiting over an hour in a lift ticket line every morning?
    Been skiing my whole life & that's never happened to me once, let alone, "every" time I ski. I think about 20 minutes is the most I've ever waited (Jay Peak).

    But FWIW, long waits in lift lines at a ski resort are not tech related, they're incompetence related. I used to sell lift tickets at Stowe & we staffed appropriately & moved lines with ruthless efficiency. The only days with long lines are holiday Saturdays, and perhaps a handful of Sundays anyway, but even then, if you're skiing someplace with a 1 hour lift ticket line, you're skiing the wrong someplace to begin with.

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    I was very skeptical of RFID at first...but now after using it at Sugarbush I've been converted to a believer. From my personal experience it is faster and more efficient than the old bar code passes/tickets. And to be fair, many of the times that someone gets stuck at a gate it is because they can't read the signs and follow simple directions. Everyone once in a while my card might not scan and I just back up a few inches and re-approach the gate and it works. Sure beats the countless number of times that the barcodes didn't scan in the past.

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    I like RFID, but the lift staff still has to be organized to fill the chairs if it’s crowded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    Been skiing my whole life & that's never happened to me once, let alone, "every" time I ski.
    Hour long lines for tickets at routine at Blue. Maybe it's 45 minutes and just feels like an hour. Whatever it is, it's ridiculous and I would stop going there if I had to wait on that line each time. The only time that happened to me outside of the Poconos was when K was selling tickets for $20 on Mother's Day weekend from the pro-shop with a single cashier. Probably wasn't an hour there, either, but after ten minutes of waiting to buy a lift ticket time starts to stand still. Especially when you're close enough to the window to hear the idiocy that's holding up what should be a 20 second transaction at most.

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