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    I will vouch for my home country. The canadian dollar is currently cheap compared to its US counterpart. With the money you save you may want to go to Revelstoke and splurge on a one day heli or catski trip. Revy has the best snow in North-America. Be warned, Revy is all about skiing. Not much else to do. If you like a more international setting, Whistler/Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North-America. Stay in the Village and you have walking access to skiing, entertainment and a ton of restaurants. Direct shuttle access from Vancouver International Airport. Does not get any easier than this.

    I havent skied as much in the Western US, but I'm partial to Jackson Hole and Big Sky, and especially if you are an expert skier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    If you add up all of Park City / Canyons, I have to imagine it's bigger than all of Vail / BSB.

    But even if I'm wrong about that, I'm confident the statement that "the size of Park City is a joke" compared to Vail is incorrect. They're both huge.
    You completely missed the point. The “big” resort of US is peanut size compare to European resorts where the OP is coming from!

    Comparing the size of Vail vs Park City is just arguing which is the biggest fish in a tiny pond.
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    If I could do just one? It would be from this list:

    Big Sky
    Park City (including Deer Valley)

    I almost hesitate to say Vail because it can be pretty busy and crowded, but the terrain is great. Colorado, in general, is busier than Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. Very generally speaking.

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