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    I've done the hike and yeah it's quick and easy but that's not the point. I love to lap Outpost area. It's a short run but also a short lift ride. Many quick laps. No boring run-out. I say let it get tracked out. Run the chair- I want laps.

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    In fairness to Pico management it should be noted that it is the exception and not the norm that outpost is not running (at least on weekends)

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    Not sure where the info came from that Outpost does not run as much recently. It wasn't even inspected in the latter ASC days and runs every weekend snow allows now.

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    One of my best Pico memories and top memories this past ski season was a Powder day at Pico. I think there was maybe 8"-10" or something in that range. The day started kinda shitty with the Summit and the A/B slope triple both having mechanical issues. I timed both poorly and missed out on first tracks.

    I did the Outpost "hike" mid-day and found chairs spinning to my amazement. I skied down to the bottom and joined a handful of people waiting for the lifties to finish beating the snow off the chairs. I got the second chair headed up the hill. For roughly an hour, myself and maybe 30-40 people lapped that terrain with the lift running unknown to the rest of the world. I had many runs where there was less than a dozen tracks made already. So much fresh tracks. I really remember the liftline being a standout. Lots of nice "hucks" and the double fall line. There was a photographer that setup to capture the magic. I'm sure he's got a nice few shots of me...I was never able to find out who he was and get those pictures but if anyone knows a professional photographer who is known to be at Pico PM me.
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    Stab in the dark but maybe http://www.albaadventures.com/

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