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    They had a format change a couple years earlier that seemed to be a turning point for traffic . Sad part is the loss of info for first timers to Tucks . Being a flatlander and not knowing the areas I would never have known about all of the dangers ( Ice fall areas to avoid, undermined areas ect.) that can get you into trouble if you're not cautious or just not familiar with above treeline dangers.
    "White Privilege ": The ability to suffer through life's universal indignities without blaming another group for them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by abc View Post
    I would miss it IF it goes away. And I hope it won't.
    I just looked and am amazed to find I've been here for 15 years.

    This forum has been shot at and beaten to death and it still survives.

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    "shot at and beaten to death"?

    I guess there's history I didn't know about.

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    As the admin of another forum, I can tell you that if member can self police, behave like adults, don't specifically look for trouble, it makes a difference.

    Don't make work for the mod and then if the forum is marginal (profitwise) the admin may leave it going longer.

    I still think, for skiing, forums have something that facebook doesn't. But I am clearly in the minority on that.

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    I like forums. I can see posts in the order they appear. I'm not subjected to some algorithm that thinks it's showing me what I want to see. I probably sound like an old dude.

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    The whole point of internet is we get to choose what we read/hear/listen/watch, instead of some big media company deciding what their audience want to hear/read...

    But with the consolidation, we're back to a few big "social" media company deciding what we want to hear/read...

    I think for those of us who prefer forums because we want to do what we want rather than being force fed, we're unfortunately a minority. The rest of the population all went to Facebook & Twiter etc.

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