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Well I don't care about green peak as it is not very interesting. The sunnyside pod has the best skiing on the hill. I go to Northside to hide from the crowds, Well when there used to be crowds. They never seem to have any now. Usually ski on maybe 5 min wait at the quads.
The crowds came from massive discounting. You used to be able to pick up 5 comped anyday tickets to Waterville on Thanksgiving weekends good for almost every day (except Saturdays and holidays). Even during years they didn't have it, almost every day was a "special" so midweek tickets were never more than $49 til a few years ago. Now tickets across the board (especially midweek) are much higher.

I would have rebuilt Sunnyside before doing anything to help people refrain from merging into the beginner trail to get back down to the quad.