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    I'm watching the video again and again. This is certainly highest threshold eastern terrain, and the accessibility is unrivaled. These chutes + castlerock are a real draw for me every spring. I like skiing this kind of stuff in corn snow and save my Sugarbush days for late season.

    Simply beautiful terrain and a couple of these chutes are very difficult and technical. Somebody earlier mentioned not liking 5 MPH techy skiing. Sugarbush Paradise chutes are just before limit of where difficult starts to become un-fun. Everyone has a different bar... for me I'd say Pico's "Busted" crosses that line. But Paradise chutes are right up there with the most heavenly terrain I've ever skied, East West or anything.
    Looks like it would be nice without all the ice.

    I have the Ikon and plan to use all my Sugarbush days. I will look for these lines off of Paradise.
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    I don't know, I only ski backcountry these days. Lots of hacking my way through thick brush.

    Honestly though, many on map glades have been that way for the better part of a decade (or two) now. They have been manicured to perfection as there are barely any stray branches or saplings to get in the way. The challenge of skiing a lot of these glades isn't what it used to be.

    And these types of questions, while spurring discussion are kind of silly since snow conditions play a HUGE part in how hard each glade skis.

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