Your Favorite Glade/Tree Runs


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    Your Favorite Glade/Tree Runs

    This is an off-shoot of the other thread ("hardest glade").

    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    There's a reason Angel Food is highly regarded even if not especially difficult. There are certainly a lot of "glades" that ski more like bobsled runs (top 1/2 of 19th Hole qualifies as such).

    We could do another post on "Favorite Glade/Tree runs" and perhaps the answers would be somewhat different instead of just trying to think of the hardest ones to properly ski.

    In that case I'd mention Valhalla and Timbuktu at Jay instead of the chutes.
    Quote Originally Posted by raisingarizona View Post
    Some of the stuff mentioned in here for being difficult kind of sound like they suck. I prefer flow for skiing trees, not that weird two turns to close out to traverse to whatever. I guess that stuff is “hard” but is it really fun?
    I'm sure what's "flow-able" is skill and experience dependent. Expert skiers who ski steep tight trees a lot will be able to flow in much steeper/tighter trees than I could. So, what's fun for some of you may not be fun for myself.

    Also, if it's your home mountain, you may have memorized those "2 turns to close out to traverse" so it become automatic you don't think about it any more. All you're after is the flowy woods the rest of the way.

    And there's also the exclusivity factor. Tight, steep glades get skied by fewer skiers therefore the snow stays in better shape longer. So there's a legit motivation to embrace the challenge of steep tight trees. Provided it still got plenty of different lines to spread out the traffic so it doesn't turn into luge runs.

    So, it's a balance, on how steep and tight a glade is to be fun. And that "fun" point is different for different people.

    I for one, very much appreciate the help of all of you who frequent the woods to point me to the right patches (and sometimes it's the specific lines that makes a huge difference in flowy-ness). I'm a ski nomad and don't have a home mountain that I know all the ins and outs. I'm slowly picking up on the good FUN woods with the help of you all. This to me, is the best part of this forum.

    So go ahead, name your favorite FUN, FLOW-Y glades!
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    Test Pilot at Stratton and Timbuktu at Jay. I go for the long ones with enough space to see about ten turns ahead. I took West Pilot (on the other side, easier glade) at Stratton for the first time last year, and that is pretty nice, except it gets too flat.
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    Stratton: 11/23, 12/3, 2/22, 3/3
    Sugarbush: 12/1
    Catamount: 12/31, 1/19
    Mohawk: 1/21
    Stowe: 1/24
    Jiminy Peak: 2/9
    Mount Southington: 2/16
    Mount Snow: 2/23
    Pico: 3/2

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    followed a couple snow covered ski patrollers at Waterville(I know you guys hate this place) and found awesome untracked in some special spots. those are the runs I think about often. nice spaced trees and no luge tracks.

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    Magic - too many to list (and some I can't reveal)! Full gamut depending up conditions and mood.

    As far as a "gladed" trail, hard to beat Goniff!
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    Casablanca (pick a number) at Saddleback

    The woods next to Olympic at Mt Snow are a real gem as well

    Valhalla, Kitz and North Glade at Jay

    Bracket Basin @ Sugarloaf

    Stratton I would say West Pilot Glades has the best flow/longest

    Abenaki / Boreas / Bark Eater on Burnt Ridge at Gore (they would all make the cut for flow and duration)

    Stowe whatever the woods to skiers left below the big turn on Nosedive are called, Angel Food too

    Cobrass Woods at Bolton

    Smuggs: Bermuda and Shakedown

    Bretton Woods some of the stuff off the T-bar (or on the traverse over to it) is real nice like this too

    Killington my picks would be Patsy's / Throne / Scarecrow or frankly Anarchy/Julio/Jaunita too

    Most glades at Pico
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    Plattekill .... pretty much anywhere

    Groundhog day lets go skiing !

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    smuggs - in general, on map and off.

    stowe - chin clip woods, angel food, big tits, beyond bypass, the unnamed (? - theres a homemade sign in there, in french, i forget what it says tho) and technically closed microblast zone next to goat

    magic - woods skier's right of upper red line, the wardrobe, seance>white tiger>dissapearing act

    mount ellen - exterminator woods

    k - julio/juanita/anarchy

    tons more. tree skiing is what makes eastern skiing interesting.
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    Your Favorite Glade/Tree Runs

    Roz at Bretton Woods is quite the glade trail. Long, not steep, very fun. Also, the sign for it is in the middle of another glade (Rosebrook Glades) and very easy to miss so it doesn’t get skied a lot.

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    The trials on the Northface of Mount Snow

    Low Rider off of Snowdon at Killington
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    Angel Food @ Stowe


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