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    Quote Originally Posted by mister moose View Post
    If you're talking about this incident, (Nov '15) the dog was incidental, the sunroof got smashed because "he parked too close"

    I would never have imagined that was the cause watching it from a short distance years ago.

    A little scary, so many short fuses out there.

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    Gee, I have left my Samoyed both in the car and outside in a snow bank. He loves 5 below - I just assumed other cars would be understanding - they are animals after all - and always had water for him no matter what - never had an issue. Sugarbush, Wildcat, etc.

    In summer if warm, put the top down and park in shade - he stays. Wouldn't do it where I thought he could be harmed or stolen, tend to trust people - so far - has worked out - been doing that for 25 years with two pups. . . . but everyone has an opinion how others should live and treat their tribes I guess. Just doesn't occur to me to smash a sunroof - if it were hot or I saw a kid I might call the authorities, stick around till they arrived.

    As for parking too close - we've all had it happen to us. Maybe self driving will cover that in a few years. . . . but hey, take a chill pill and climb in the passenger side. I've had to do that a few times.

    Unfortunately from where I come from, some are so proud of themselves in those modes they had a bumpa sticka "MASS***HOLE"

    Sure it gives the northern NE locals warm fuzzies as they travel up I89, I93,I95 et al.

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