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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    yea and she bought demo bindings, which is why they could be considered used after 1 ride. demo bindings are awful.
    These particular skis had rail mount bindings, so they are not demo bindings, but are the standard for that ski.

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    Yep, a lot of groomer carvers has “system” bindings. Easily changed for different boots. I’ve “demo’ed” friend’s skis that way too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    demo bindings are awful.
    It's not 1994 anymore. The demo bindings you encounter are (likely) fine today.
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    dec 14 at killington. will have a wide variety of skis people actually want to try. not just a stack of crusty rossi soul 7s.

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