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    Okemo and Mt Snow are a better option. Okemo is beginner paradise.
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    Attitash is “good value” partly because it’s not really a beginner mountain and Wildcat not family oriented.

    Price out the Okemo area lodging to see if you’re better off paying a few days lift tickets in the smaller mountains near Attitash.

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    Good feedback so far.

    A few more comments:

    Polecat trail at Wildcat is IMHO one of the best and most scenic beginner runs in all of the East! That one run makes Wildcat worth 2 or 3 days of skiing for a low level skier

    If OP's family is likely to ski 6 or 7 days out of 10, then North Conway may be an entertaining location for "off" days when they aren't skiing. There may also be more affordable lodging options there compared to Stowe or Okemo areas in VT.

    OP could consider 5 days in NH and 5 days in VT.

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    10 days is a long time at any eastern resort ski area. If you want to stay exclusively on the Epic pass Mt Snow, Okemo, and Spruce Peak at Stowe are a beginner/intermediates dream. I would try and mix my 10 days up between those 3 resorts. Maybe stay 6 days in Ludlow which is striking distance to Mt Snow and 4 days in Stowe.


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    If you do decide to stay at Attitash/Conway area, consider a day or two of dabbling in x-c skiing. Bear Notch touring center is right at the bottom of Attitash. Jackson Touring center at the village of Jackson, has a lot of beginner trails, with view of Mt Washington. And Mt Washington hotel is a place worth stopping even if you don't (xc) ski there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyr View Post
    10 days is a long time at any eastern resort ski area.
    Agreed, you will need than skiing to keep everyone interested.

    We have a two year old and a six year old. My wife is a causal skier, the six year old is an excellent skier maybe better than her father but that is a topic for another thread. We have had peak passes for as many years as I can remember. The only time we ski attitash is when we are staying at the hotel. I don’t know what type of accommodation you are looking for but the hotel is a decent value, if I recollect it was about half the cost of the same hotel at mount snow. Our vacation routine is we eat buffet breakfast in the dining room as a family, I ski with the six year old from first chair to lunch, wife takes younger daughter to pool. The pool is outdoor and heated year round, you get in the water indoors and swim through a short tunnel, there is an adjacent year round outdoor hot tub. We meet back up for lunch in the room and head into town for a family activity and dinner. Usually bring a few cocktails back down to the pool after dinner.

    Family activities: children’s museum, weather museum, ski museum, walk around downtown, shopping, etc. An aquarium opened recently, I haven’t checked it out but suspect it will be worth a few hours one afternoon. None of these activities are full day, they are two hour endeavors you would expect in rural northern new England. Santas village is also open around Christmas, about an hour drive from attitash. There is an abundance of dining options, easily enough to have a good family style meal at a different place each night – also some good breakfast options.

    Polecat was mentioned above, it is a spectacular trail for a beginner but it would be rated blue at many places. The green off the bobcat chair at wildcat is better start for a beginner. Start on the attitash side for beginner terrain, not bear; maybe give polecat a shot later in the vacation. Use some of the money you saved over Vermont to pick up tickets for some combination of Bretton woods/cranmore/black. Buy in advance and hunt for deals.
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    Sunapee, Crotched, Okemo, Mt Snow for beginners. Mt Snow gets crazy busy though on weekends. Okemo can as well. Sunapee has a whole beginner area as well across the parking lot.
    Wildcat does have a separate chair for beginners and as someone mentioned Polecat which is the best green trail in New England. More an upper beginner/ low intermediate trail.
    Black Mountain is a fun little mountain and Cranmore can be as well.
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    Isn’t Bretton Woods close to Attitash? Isn’t that a really good beginner hill?

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    But its not on Epic pass. And it’s not cheap (not like Black and the others)

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