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    Quote Originally Posted by ss20 View Post
    Ehhh...maybe I have to buy a nice one, but if I make coffee at 5am, keep it in my car all ski day (in the cold), and drink it on the way home it's annoyingly cold.
    Perhaps you just need a newer thermos? Or just a second one...

    I have a no name thermo I picked up at some sale. My coffee stay HOT for like 6 hrs. And stay warmish for another 6.

    If you fill 2 thermos, and drink from one of them. The second one should stay HOT for a good long while until you start drinking from it. So, one thermos for the drive up, the second one for the drive home.

    (How do I know the thermo-capacity of my containers? I sometimes make soup to bring with me for lunch. It usually comes out HOT at lunch time. Many thermo-containers have a 12 hr "keep" time, as long as you don't open it (*even sipping from a small opening hurts the heat retaining capability) )
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    Quote Originally Posted by ss20 View Post
    bite the bullet and pay the $1.06 for a coffee lol.

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    I guess I am from a different tax bracket.

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    Switch to cocaine. Much more expensive but you'll quickly realize it's worth it. Caveat: ration your supply so that you don't have to crash until finally at home with a 6 pack ready at hand. Also remember you're engaging in physical activity. Key bumps. No sharing fat lines in the gondola. Not everyone is cool with it even if it seems like they are.

    You might feel like it goes better with whiskey when skiing but that's a sign you should back off the blow instead of racking up a big bar tab.

    Caveat #2: Use cruise control on the way home. And don't be a hero if it's snowing / slick roads. On snowy rides home the lights behind you can really cause some paranoia so recommended to stay at the speed limit and play a Journey album.
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    Saving the coffee money so you have more money for beer? What the heck do you drink, Natty Light on tap?

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    Great coffee shop on Route 2 just west of Greenfield, on the left heading towards B East.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEtoVTSkier View Post
    What the heck do you drink, Natty Light on tap?
    I dont believe that exists? And if I'm wrong and it does, it shouldn't.

    EDIT: OMG it DOES exist, but only in 1/2 barrel form (because WTH would put that crap in a kegerator).
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    It might take a few years to pay off but hey it's hot when you want it .

    My friend drinks Red Lion beer ,cheap but descent . Not sure it's available in VT
    Groundhog day lets go skiing !

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    What is this stopping thing...well..when my wife is with me there has to be one stop at the welcome center..and on the way home the big coffee barn outside of Stowe....for very expensive's too short to drink crappy coffee...or beer.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss20 View Post
    Cheap gas and free coffee...what else does a skier need after a long day???
    Is this a joke?

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