Ski Advice Fischer Ranger 85 vs. Rossi Sin7


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    Ski Advice Fischer Ranger 85 vs. Rossi Sin7

    Very torn between these too, I will probably be doing more groomers that powder just due to conditions in the East, but I can get either of these at around the same price. I am 6'3 220 and an intermediate skier,
    Also The Ranger 85's longest is 181, the Sin 7 is 188(I am debating this or going 180).
    Any advice is appreciated!

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    haven't tried the ones you mentioned but this is what I ride and it handles anything you throw at it, a jack of all trades with dual personalities. On one hand you can rail long arcs down the fall line at speed and feel very stable and planted. On the other hand if you're in the trees you can stop and turn on a dime.

    It's better on hard pack / ice than my old 80mm Rossignols (by far). Enjoyed using them in Tahoe powder and 40-50" eastern storm chasing last couple years as well.

    No plans to replace this as my main driver until it gets completely worn out.
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    Very nice skis Tuna! I went with the Sin 7s, as they just dropped another 30 buck in price, with Fischer Attack 11 bindings at $380 it was too good a deal to pass up!

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    enjoy pdog!
    2019/2020 season [*powder day]

    Mount Snow [11/14, 11/21, 12/2*]

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