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    11/24 - Hunter

    Got to Hunter around 8:45 today, raining at a decent clip, got 2 runs down hell gate before I was drenched and visibility was becoming an issue. Hit the lodge to dry my gear and figure out what I was gonna do, after about 45 min out of nowhere the rain turned to giant flakes and it started dumping. Still no crowds to speak of, rode the 6 pack solo every time. Hell gate got dee quick with the lack of traffic but visibility was actually worse than it was in the rain due to giant flakes splattering and sticking to your goggles every second. I looked like Adam West doing the watusi the whole my way down my last few runs. Great day in the end though

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    Hopefully the forecast for this weekend holds up..I'm in for Sunday.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Hopefully the forecast for this weekend holds up..I'm in for Sunday.
    Getting the snows on the Legacy Friday.

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