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    Have to work so canít hit pats peak this week and Cannon isnít gettin the goods out of this one. Also not skiing in Vt until 12/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Have to work so can’t hit pats peak this week and Cannon isn’t gettin the goods out of this one. Also not skiing in Vt until 12/14

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    like an idiot, i put something on the calendar for 12/14 a month ago. Don't know what the hell I was thinking. I have a feeling that's going to be a good weekend....

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    I'll agree with most of the reasons for the non-hype. Sugarbush isn't in the jackpot zone (but I wouldn't be back up there until 12/9 anyway). I can't take off from work. And even if I could my skis are in VT so a storm that hits the Cats or any other day trip-able area doesn't help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommaBear View Post
    This used to be the only place that understood the excitement of an incoming storm. Now, not so much. Its sad.
    I think thatís ridiculous. Iím sure the hype is there and nothing ďsadĒ is happening. Iím excited for the snow this week too. Forgive me if I donít go into a tizzy about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    I'm pretty excited by my main focus is on Mount Snow for tomorrow. I was looking at B-East, Catamount or Jiminy as local alternatives but I'll wait until later in the week to ski Berkshire East when hopefully all that snow amounts to mass trail openings.

    Also difference between 1 foot and 2+ feet means few ropes vs most ropes dropping. Sure looks good for Magic Mt opening though!
    Mount Snow is also my plan (with Berkshire East as a backup in case of road issues). I'll be in a black/grey Columbia coat with black/yellow Fischer skis and the greenest, ugliest ski boots I've ever seen. I won't be ducking into trees but plan on sticking to the front-side naturals.
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    Color me hyped, I'm more than grateful for 6 ski days in November, 1 so far in December, but I'm so psyched to ski something besides chunky groomers. The freezing rain and sleet that made me look like a glazed donut today, should make an excellent base for whatever snow falls next. I'll be at Belleayre Tuesday redeeming my free Warren Miller voucher. Bring on the first POW of the season!

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    Mount Snow Tuesday. Looking forward to the dump. Trees sound good to me if 12 plus.

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    I'm not as excited as I might otherwise be only because the places that are getting a lot of snow don't have a solid base other than manmade, plus I won't be able to get out of work. I'm still very happy that southern vermont is starting to get some serious snow, they have been missing out.

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    i think platty opens saturday...

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    Hillbilly Weather has this storm covered for NH

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