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    Superstar Chair 24/7

    Is Superstar chair running 24/7? Every time I look at the webcam (first light, middle of the day, evening) the chair is spinning. This started a few weeks ago.

    I noticed this last year before the World Cup too. I wonder if it is a reliability issue in that any issues would be discovered before the race or it is less prone to breaking while operating (not sure).

    I wonder what their contingency plans are if that chair goes down? They have had so much snow this year I think there is a connection between the top of the gondola and Superstar. Or they could raid the quads at Pico, I think they are the same models.

    Edit: Also, there is a cool laser projection on Superstar right now. Superstar Laser Projection

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    Most likely due to the simple reality that getting Superstar ready for the world cup is a 24hrs a day effort.

    On a side note, I'm currently sitting in my car on the access road to the K1 lodge about a 1/4 mile from Superstar watching the chair spin and getting ready to go watch the world cup!

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    K likely has spare parts for the Yan components since they have 4 Yan-Poma modified HSQ's in their lift fleet. I guess they are kind of lucky in that regard, having four makes it a bit more financially feasible to have parts no longer in production pre fabricated and held in stock than Snow and SE that only have 1 a piece.

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